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The philosophy of BIG BERRY – explore the local, but explore it as it is, without changing it in any destructive ways. Everything sums up in 3 points: organic farming, help in building local communities economically hence sustainably and organic architecture.

The green idea of BIG BERRY started by planting 38 varieties of berries and 40 varieties of herbs in the resort location of Kolpa river (EDEN destination). It means that we didn’t touch the nature but we connected our story to it. BIG BERRY hosts the guests in berry houses (Brown, Blue, Orange) which completely respect the nature with minimalist design: geometric lines, pure forms and color.

In addition, BIG BERRY is providing breakfast from local producers mainly, which includes fresh milk, fruits, juice, yoghurt, pastries, pogača, butter, jam e.g., which all has been produced within a radius of 20km.

Last but not the least, BIG BERRY takes ecotourism to the next level. We take our guests to all the local points where their breakfast actually came from. Moreover, we nourish connections with local partners and we are going to promote this idea further on our next locations. Our goal is to provide the luxury of freedom and local experience to our guest wherever we are situated in the world.

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