The Green Tourism Solutions Top 10

A selection of innovative approaches to make destinations more sustainable

At the occasion of Global Green Destinations Day (Ljubljana, 27-28 September 2016), a Jury of international tourism experts and destination leaders will select innovative approaches to make destinations more sustainable: the Green Tourism Solutions Top 10.

Type of solutions. Solutions may be developed by industry, research organizations or destinations, especially in the following fields:

  • Environment: water, waste, air, energy, biodiversity …
  • Soft mobility: hiking, biking, e-mobility …
  • Local experience: local products & food, supply chain, traditional dishes …
  • Green marketing: approaches to sell sustainable offer to consumers.

Selection. The final selection of the Green Tourism Solutions Top 10 will be made by a special international Jury appointed by the Organizing partners of Global Green Destinations Day. The Jury will use the following criteria to select green practices:

  • Effectiveness to solve widespread problems in tourism sustainability;
  • Innovative character;
  • Ease of implementation, technically and financially.

The members of the Jury will only consider the practices that are presented at Global Green Destinations Day, in any of the following ways:

  • Practices submitted by GGDD participants, on a Green Tourism Solutions nomination form;
  • Practices suggested by speakers on behalf of destinations, companies or organizations (then also preferably to be documented in a nomination form);
  • Practices presented by business participants in the Green Tourism Lab.

Award winning solutions will be promoted through the Global Green Destinations Day communication channels.

Award winning solutions which will be present at the Global Green Destinations Day within the Green Lab will be invited to share their experiences with participants as presenters within the Green Solutions Workshops.

Submission. Nomination forms by both GGDD participants and speakers must be sent to by 14 September 2016. Businesses that participate in the Green Tourism Lab automatically qualify for the award.

The Jury will announce their conclusions on 28 September during the afternoon plenary session. They will clarify their conclusions, and enter into brief discussions with the presenters of the green practices.
Fill out the Green Tourism Solutions – Nomination Form.