Ljubljana, European
Green Capital 2016

We are delighted to welcome you to one of the greenest cities in the world, where all of Europe meets. Ljubljana is European Green Capital 2016. This prestigious title is annually awarded to a city with high environmental standards, a good quality of life, and ambitious sustainable development goals. The title was granted to the City Municipality of Ljubljana on 24 June 2014 in Copenhagen. Other cities which have received the prestigious European Green Capital award so far include Stockholm, Hamburg, Nantes, Copenhagen, Bristol, and Essen.

Ljubljana as a green, open-air living room

The European Green Capital 2016 is a place where, in the time it takes people in other capitals to travel from one end of the city to the other, you can go for a stroll, sit down for an ice cream or a drink, or enjoy another pleasurable activity.

Feel Slovenia, a green country that has the word 'love' in its name

Get to love Ljubljana, whose name sounds very similar to the Slovenian word 'ljubljena', meaning 'the beloved '. We really like this wordplay because, if for no other reason, so many people from around the world fall in love with our vibrant city which hosts countless events each year.

Ljubljana is a comfortable capital made to the measure of man

Our capital has preserved the friendliness of modest-sized European cities while providing all the amenities of a big metropolis. The city centre is a mosaic of picturesque red-roofed buildings, from which views stretch out to green hills – one of the reasons why practically everyone in the city keeps a pair of hiking or running shoes. You too are invited to enjoy the city, climb those green hills for stunning views, and make a few resolutions to lead a greener life.

Clean natural water that has not undergone any technological treatment

This is a luxury rarely found in capital cities. When you need a rest, sit down in one of the little city centre parks or experience huge Tivoli Park, the green lungs of Ljubljana. In the historical city centre, cafés on the relaxing Ljubljanica river embankments tempt you to have a sweet treat, galleries and museums are full of good stories, and countless little restaurants with fresh, locally grown food, compete for your attention.

Green achievements
of Ljubljana

The European Green Capital award is a valuable recognition of Ljubljana’s efforts to improve its environment, economy, and quality of life. The city is encouraging green thinking, living, and development, and the award is seen as an obligation to continue to fulfil sustainability goals and introduce more improvements. Ljubljana has thus became a European model for how to organize urban life in such a way as to create a city that is friendly to the environment, its residents, and its visitors.

Green achievement 1

High number of green changes

Ljubljana was named European Green Capital 2016 for making the largest number of sustainable changes in the shortest period of time of all the nominees.

Green achievement 2

Green standards

Ljubljana is Slovenia's first destination to comply with the international Green Destinations Standard, which testifies to its sustainability.

Green achievement 3

Ljubljana, a green and sustainable destination

Ljubljana has received a Tourism for Tomorrow award and has been listed in the Sustainable Destinations Global Top 100.

Green achievement 4

A capital with natural drinking water

Ljubljana is a capital boasting natural drinking water that has not undergone any technological treatment. You can refill your bottle straight from the city's public drinking fountains.

Green achievement 5

Numerous green spaces

Ljubljana has more than 560 square metres of green spaces per inhabitant. A number of the city's neglected spaces have been turned into green oases for enjoyment and recreation.

Green achievement 6

Green future

Ljubljana is the first EU capital to adopt a Zero Waste strategy. By 2025 the city has committed to increasing separate collection to 78% and decreasing the amount of residual waste to 60kg per person per year.

Enjoy your green experience

In Ljubljana, all of Europe comes together. The city has a central European character with a relaxed Mediterranean feel. Wherever you look there are green surprises that bring freshness to life in this city with its picturesque medieval, Baroque, Art Nouveau, and modern architecture. In the European Green Capital 2016, whose relaxed character is at its most obvious on sunny afternoons and evenings, when the city centre is like a huge open-air living room, you can reach any city centre location in only a couple of minutes.

Green experience 1

Green points

Visit the green points of Ljubljana, locations where you can enjoy views of some of the greenest parts of the city centre and its surrounding areas.

Green experience 2

Green guided tours

Experience the European Green Capital 2016 with a number of city tours that are so relaxing that you will remember them for a long time.

Green experience 3

Green cuisine

Enjoy the flavours of Ljubljana at the city's restaurants offering typical local dishes in the Taste Ljubljana section of their menus.

Green experience 4

Green transport

Join the locals and become one of the numerous users of the BicikeLJ bicycle hire network or call a free public electric vehicle called “Gentleman” to give you a ride.

Green experience 5

Green running events

Join the running crowd at the Ljubljana Marathon or the Three-Member Team Run through the city's green belt, and let the amazing atmosphere and loud cheering at the finish line give you wings.

Green experience 6

Green cycling and hiking

If you want to experience Ljubljana and Central Slovenia to the full, make sure you don’t miss the range of guided cycling and hiking trips to Ljubljana's green surrounding areas.

27th–28th September 2016
Ljubljana, European Green Capital 2016