ETIS Sustainability Leaders Focus Group discussion


We are very pleased to announce ETIS workshop - Sustainability Leaders Focus Group Discussion, which will be coordinated by Patrizia Modica (ETIS informal network leader, University of Cagliari) and Cinzia de Marzo (ETIS expert and legal advisor). The workshop will be held on Wednesday, on 28th September 2016, from 11.00 a.m. - 13.00 p.m.


11:00 Opening session

Welcome by Albert Salman – Founding President, Green Destinations Partnership

Introduction of ETIS destination network initiative – Cinzia De Marzo and Patrizia Modica


State of play of ETIS destinations, to be considered as associated members of NECSTouR – (benefits of joining NECSTouR, administrative formalities, fees, NECSTouR Statutes amended, internal roles, activities) – Anya Niewierra – South Limburg, NECSTouR full member


Open discussion about the establishment of the ETIS Committee within NECSTouR, its chair-person and board, in order to collect applications from destinations who wish to join the board, complying with the criteria, and about the definition of the ETIS network objectives

12:45 Planning of the coming events

Brussels- kick off meeting of the ETIS Committee board – End of November 2016 – Cinzia De Marzo
Cagliari-(Sardinia) -Official launch of the ETIS destination network – Beginning of 2017 – Patrizia Modica