Green Destinations – Leading places to sustainability


Sustainable tourism at the global level – a vision for Green Destinations has great potential. It is steadily becoming a reality. The main question is – what has this development brought us so far?

Green Destinations is a global organisation for sustainable tourism, assisting destinations, regions and countries to improve quality, sustainability and market visibility. In the Green Destinations Community, destination leaders and experts work together in developing state-of-the-art solutions.


  • Global Green Destinations Day, convening and inspiring sustainability leaders from different destinations and the industry
  • the Sustainable Destinations Top 100, an annual competition for destinations from all over the world
  • the Green Tourism Solutions Top 10, a selection of innovative approaches to make destinations more sustainable
  • an online platform for self-assessment, expert evaluation, and exchange of good practice
  • online tools for training and capacity building destinations
  • the support of experts and consultants for the destinations of the Green Destinations Community

Green Destinations Partners prepare destinations for advanced certification: a 3rd party audited assessment making use of all possible information sources, including big data. The results of this are transparent and publicly communicated. This will ensure that travellers will understand what exactly has been certified, and what was the result. This is essential for the credibility of destination certification.

Green Destinations is committed to better informing tourists and travellers about the quality and sustainability of destinations. To this end, we have developed the Global Sustainable Tourism Review (GSTR), which creates a quality and sustainability profile of destinations, based on an information system in all countries and in 1200 destinations.

Green Destinations is the largest community of tourist destinations committed to sustainability. It is an outstanding opportunity for destinations and countries to improve their monitoring and their quality, competitiveness, and marketing.