We are proud to announce a workshop titled GREEN TRAVEL MAPS: SHOW YOUR “GREEN OFFER” TO THE CONSUMER, which will be moderated by Herbert Hamele (ECOTRANS) and Albert Salman (Green Destinations). The workshop will be held on Tuesday, on 27th September 2016, from 14.00 - 15.00 p.m. Representatives of Top 100 and other "green destinations" can join the initiative to better present their destination’s green offer in booking platforms. This includes the option of an EU project proposal.

Moderator Herbert Hamele will introduce the Green Travel Maps concept that is already presented on as a new development and marketing service for local, regional or national tourism organizations and destinations, aiming to identify, map and then raise the number of tourist attractions and products that demonstrably contribute to environmentally friendly and socially compatible tourism in the destination area, independently proved by certificates, labels and awards for sustainable tourism. The maps can be used for listing, managing, marketing and monitoring green tourism offers.

At the workshop we will show examples and discuss ideas how “Your Green Travel Map” can be used to support your sustainable tourism development approach, generate more stakeholder involvement and undertake practical initiatives, with a special focus on improving the way you bring your green offer to the market. Green Destinations ambassadors and experts working with destinations will be involved in a discussion about the potential of the concept. The workshop result into:

• Green Destinations Ambassadors representing Top 100 destinations confirming interest in joining forces in a global Green Travel Maps programme.

• The creation of a European pilot group of local and regional destinations interested in participating in a European “TravelGreenEurope” project funding application to the EC.