Jonathan B. Tourtellot:
Telling the Green Travel Story for the Media


We are extited to present our keynote speaker Jonathan B. Tourtellot from the Destination Stewardship Center and a short summary of his presentation at Global Green Destinations Day, on Wednesday 28th September 2016.

Drawing on his experience of more than 30 years with the National Geographic Society and National Geographic Traveler magazine, Mr. Tourtellot presents some tips and techniques for getting the media interested in sustainable travel and destinations, such as:

• Adjusting the message for the medium, topically and stylistically.
• Using personal contacts reach editors and reporters who drown in a flood of information.
• Making the content inviting—writing and shooting for vivid imagery.
• Presenting the green message: When to fly it high, when to sneak it in.
• Telling stories to make a point.
• Killing the purple adjectives.
• Naming heroes—and villains.
• Using “listcicles”.
• Showing how sustainable travel and destinations can enrich travel memories.
• Giving action points: What can travelers do? What can residents do?
• Avoiding mistakes: Three things not to do.