Why local goods are so important for Ljubljanians and visitors of the city?


Fun fact: There are 35 bridges over the Ljubljanica River.

While enjoying life in the old town of Slovenian capital, residents and visitors can also enjoy the privilege of having local goods at their disposal. If getting thirsty excellent pure water is available at public drinking fountains, and for the hungry souls a Central Market is always a good choice - fresh Slovenian fruits and vegetables grown by local farmers and a chance to meet the locals.

Thirsty for water? No worries about that in Ljubljana

Ljubljana is a city which can be proud of its clean drinking water . Also elsewhere in Slovenia, tap water is of good quality and suitable for drinking. In the warm months, free refreshment is provided by more than 30 drinking fountains across the city, half of them located in the city centre. You can easily find them using the Tap Water Ljubljana mobile application

Shop from Slovenian farmers and get to know the locals

Ljubljana’s Central Market is more than just a place to shop. Traditionally, it has also been a place for the locals to meet and enjoy themselves together. The Central Market consists of an open-air market, located in the Vodnikov trg and Pogačarjev trg squares, a covered market situated in between the two squares, and a series of small food shops along the river Ljubljanica, which are referred to as ‘Plečnik’s Covered Market’ as they are located in a colonnade designed by Ljubljana’s famous architect Jože Plečnik. Apart from fresh Slovenian fruits and vegetables grown by local farmers, the market also offers a choice of tropical fruits, dry-cured meat products, balcony flowers, and plug plants.

Water, public drinking fountains and green supply chains initiative will also be presented on the first day of Green Global Destinations Day conference, thus join Ljubljana Tourism program “Ljubljana as a classroom”.

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