Announcement: Maja Pak – Slovenian Tourism Board director at GGDD


We are extited to announce keynote speaker Maja Pak at Global Green Destinations Day on the 27th of September. Maja Pak, M. Sc., Acting Director of the Slovenian Tourist Board, will talk about the Slovenia Green program which is turning Slovenia rapidly into a green destination.

Maja Pak, M. Sc., Acting Director of the Slovenian Tourist Board, dedicated her career to tourism. After she completed her graduate studies in International Business at Faculty of Economics in 1992, she started to work as a Productive Manager for English speaking markets for Thermal Spa Rogaška in Rogaška Slatina. The emphasis in her work was on the marketing of Thermal Spa Rogaška and tourism products for foreign markets and the organisation of the communication campaigns.

In 1994 she became the company’s leading representative for their office in Ljubljana. In 1996 she took the position of the Secretary General of the Slovenian Tourist Board. Among her main tasks and authorities were cabinet management, work organisation in the institution, strategic and performance management, preparation of work plans and annual reports of the STB’s activities, introduction of partnership models in tourism for STB. During this period Mrs. Pak was a member of the STB’s Board of Directors. In 2006 she held the position of the Department Manager for Research And Development. Significant tasks during her time as a Department Manager were preparation and performance of market researches and tourism analysis, strategic and performance planning of tourism on the national level, concept preparation for the marketing campaigns, EDEN project managing, promotion and management of green (sustainable) tourism, management of several European projects, collaboration with European and global tourism institutions (ETC, UNWTO, EC).

From September 2010 to December 2012 she was appointed STB’s CEO. Her responsibilities were leading the company and setting the institution’s culture, leading the team and organising work procedures, taking care of the institution’s legal aspects, organising business and human resources, preparing suggestions for the STB’s council. In January 2013, when the STB became part of the Public Agency SPIRIT, she took her prior position of the Department Manager for Research and Development. In August 2015, the STB gained its independence. From August 2015 until April 2016 Mrs. Maja Pak was an Acting Director of the STB. She was appointed a Managing Director on April 1st,2016.

During her work, Mrs. Pak completed her postgraduate studies of Entrepreneurship at the Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana, in 2003 and gained the title Master of Science.