A Word from Our Partner:
The Travel Foundation


We proudly present our event partner - The Travel Foundation, a charity with a mission to increase the positive impact of tourism in destinations. Their vision is the world where tourism provides the greatest benefits for destinations, so that their communities and environments can thrive.

They work in popular holiday destinations around the world and design and deliver tailor-made sustainable tourism programs, that respond to the individual needs of the destination. The Travel Foundation help tourism companies, destination authorities and community groups to work together and to transform the way that tourism is planned and managed. Their expertise is based on more than a decade of practical experience across a wide range of holiday destinations, and their long-term partnerships with tourism businesses.

In their opinion, GGDD recognizes that sustainable tourism often makes the most sense at a destination level, and requires partnerships across public and private sectors to lead the way. The Travel Foundation want to be inspired by, and collaborate with, forward-thinking organisations who understand this, and look forward to meeting many of them in Ljubljana!

For The Travel Foundation the upcoming International Year of Sustainable Tourism and Development is the perfect opportunity for greater collaboration across the sector, and in particular across geographical regions which can often operate independently. They’d like to go much further than raising awareness – to pooling resources and knowledge, measuring impacts and having an honest discussion about how to manage the issues that really make a difference to destinations.